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Application Outsourcing

CysKen Application Outsourcing
Services will transform and simplify
your applications..

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In today's globalized business market, internet has opened many doors for every business entity..

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Business Intelligence

At Cysken, our Business Intelligence (BI) service model allows business performance on..

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Cloud Services

The development in Mobility, Analytics and Cloud are helping businesses to benefit from the..

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Consulting Services

In today's competitive and fast growing business environment, work execution is increasingly getting complex..

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IT Services

With the business environment becoming ever competitive every passing day, the need of flexible..

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Mobility Services

Mobile technology with its constant and redefining innovations has brought the business world ever..

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Testing Services

With a substantial evolvement of the software industry over the years, testing service is just another..

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Our Clients

What People Say About Us

"We are a software development company but we don’t have in-house testing capabilities. We wanted someone who is experienced and qualified enough to perform this complex task and that too within our budget. CysKen has a team of efficient both in STLC and SDLC. We still work with them and our relationship has been growing stronger with every successful project."

Rebecca Bavosa ( Business Solution Manager) Amex

"CysKen is innovation. I wanted to setup a BPO but I didn’t know anything about it. Fortunately I stumbled upon them and it was the happiest incident of my life. They know everything. From helping us choose the workforce to automating the entire system, they were the reason we could make it to deliver our first project on time. Not only that, they have supported our operations through and through even after setting it up."

Jason Murray (Vice President)

"Cysken is different from any other technology company I have worked with before. Their understanding of technology is thorough and their ingenuity of implementation of it is something I haven’t come across before. Working with them to integrate cloud technology into our business processes worked wonders and was an enriching experience to say the least."

Harry Singh ( Director, Technology) Avitron

"CysKen has helped me in my business on several different times. These people have helped me get out of tough situations and have delivered results when I most needed them. I was in much need of an IT infrastructure in my firm. They not only helped me put a structure into work, but also assisted me the entire process all along. I would love to work with them at the earliest possible."

Gurvinder Chohan (President) H&S Technocraft Inc.

"CysKen provided us with application development services on several occasions in the recent past. We were encountering a real transformation and wanted our apps to look unique and function conveniently. This is what I appreciate most about these people. Applications that they developed for us look exactly the way we wanted and our clients share the same feeling."

Eric Walden (Development Manager) Chevron

"We were experiencing database crisis and we needed immediate help to get everything right. Our association with CysKen is one of trust and we can’t thank them enough for what they have helped us with. Management of enormous data and that too without the loss of even a bit of information says something about them. We were lucky enough to have got the opportunity to work with them. We would definitely like to do it again."

Michael Hua (IT Director) HSBC