The CysKen Advantage

The CysKen Advantage

Cysken delivers you better opportunities of expanding your business to greater and more glorious heights. We can be your technology partner you can rely upon to offer you the needed assistance, experience and capabilities to move forwards in this highly competitive business world.

Our goal is to offer a competitive rewards package that retains, motivates, and attracts the best and brightest people. We strive hard to make our client’s dreams come true with using our full potential, this makes us stand out from the market.

Cysken is focused on Green IT to improve the quality of life, protect the environment and transform business From an enterprise.

Our application assesses energy consumption patterns to recognize opportunities for energy optimization.

Intuitive data visualization and  automated data gathering enable tracking and reporting of energy related data at granular and consolidated levels.

Smart workplaces cubicle design sensors and techniques provide volumetric lighting by detecting movement of employees and assessing body temperature to calibrate the intensity of light.

Our patent-pending, the desktop personal carbon calculator measures an individual’s carbon footprint and reports the carbon credits required to offset it. A portal guides employees on how to reduce their ecological impact.

We have developed reliable and cost-effective IT solutions for the organizations across industries:


We redesigned components to enhance the efficiency at an automotive major.


We have helped many healthcare service providers to streamline their processes instantly.


We improved utilization and scheduling of the field workforce at a leading telecom company.


Our workflow system transformed underwriting into an automated business process for an insurance company.


Superior Quality Assurance

Our Rs’ of Software Quality Assurance

  • Risk
  • Return on Investment
  • Regulations
  • Rich customer experience