Why Choose CysKen

Our all encompassing domain expertise, customer-centric service offerings and unmatchable utilization of global resources allows us to deliver business value and help our clients to achieve business goals. We empower businesses by employing the most strategic business minds to work for them. Our focus on innovation helps us devise effective and highly usable solutions for this vastly globalized business environment that feeds on ever changing technologies. With our understanding of evolution and transformation, we ensure our clients business solution for their current and future needs.


Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is regarded as sustainably, ethically and legally improving shareholder value. At CysKen, we ensure transparent and fair treatment and business involvement of all our stakeholders, including investors, partners, vendors, customers, the community as well as the governments of countries where we function. We understand that corporate responsibility is vital to gaining the trust of investors and other stakeholders.


We want to positively affect all the communities where we live in and function. We are a global business. We function at domestic as well as international levels, and have had the privilege of working with local authorities of several countries. We motivate our employees to be a part of the development of community in every way it is possible for them.

Leadership, Values & Ethics

We always operate keeping our values in mind. Trust, honesty, solidarity, liberty and modesty are at the core of everything we have done and want to do in future. Our code of ethics is always a part of all our practices.


Commitment and responsibility are very important in these unpredictable business times. With our commitment towards all our stakeholders and promise of value delivery ton each of every one of them, we keep our responsibility towards our larger corporate community.


For us, our employees are the most important people. We strive to fulfill all our responsibilities as an employer. We take all the steps in keeping the environment where our people function safe for them, and enable them to always come up with their best efforts. We always focus on the professional growth of every person who works for us.


When we deal with clients, our first objective is to understand what they real want us to do for them. Based on their needs, we always strive to deliver them the best solutions. For us, any feedback from our clients is a suggestion to improve and deliver better value and results.


Diversity at CysKen

We owe a major part of our success to the diverse workforce that delivers what’s required within the stipulated time. We operate as a family and understand the roles and needs of each other. This has been our standing from the time we started. We have people from diverse regions of the world, belonging to different religions and cultures, speaking different languages, but all working towards one common goal.


How We Work

We deliver value by following an approach that puts people first and using the best that technology has to offer.


We Serve People, Results Follow

With the development in technology bringing the world ever closer, competition between businesses in same domain is also increasing very fast. In order to be successful, businesses need to be flexible and adept to not only technology but also the rising demands of competition. With us by your side, you can not only sustain but be successful in this competitive world.

Collaboration is The Key

For us, collaboration holds the key to everything we are involved in. Working along with the clients, we ensure that every challenge is met head on and every problem is answered with a solution that fits your requirements. We follow a four part collaboration plan that involves:

Value Assessment

For achieving what you finally want, you need to make tangible short-term goals throughout the path of a project.

Risk Explanation

Managing risks and doing away with all the hurdles that may affect value realization are important to diminish the chances of project failure. We understand the risks associated with a particular project and also take into consideration the risks client accounts for, in order to minimize risk factor and improve value.

Best Use of Capabilities

Our capabilities along with the transfer of knowledge from client’s side are vital to value addition and sustenance.

Align Solution with Organization Requirements

It is often a case that a solution doesn’t offer the expected value owing to delay or failure in proper implementation. Being aware of the causes that can hamper implementation of a collaborative project is very important in speeding up value realization.