The highly specialized and innovative aerospace industry prides itself on developing leading edge products and technologies and driving ground breaking research on multiple fronts. Nonetheless, aerospace companies which generate business value after decades of investments, continue to be challenged by escalating costs, limited breakthroughs and increasing market volatility.


The inherent need to balance lower budgets and high costs necessitates transformation without sacrificing operational efficiency. This need has become more critical with the uncertain economic conditions across different markets. The cost equation also poses a challenge in accessing the rapidly growing civil aviation and defense segments in emerging markets. As companies focus on tapping and addressing these new demands amidst challenging conditions, the role of the technological partner assumes more importance.


CysKen offers services for the entire spectrum of aerospace industry including aircraft manufacturers, tier I and tier II suppliers, aviation companies, operating companies, regulators, airports, military and defense agencies, and third party maintenance service providers.


Our tailored technology solutions enable aeronautical manufacturers to reduce their development cycle times and associated costs. We facilitate secure, strategic and efficient collaboration with their suppliers which limits procurement costs and optimizes industrial ramp up. Our solutions integration expertise enables business transformation through quicker adaptation to market dynamics, regulations and new technologies. We help achieve continuous productivity improvement across all stages including concept design, requirement capture, manufacturing, testing, launch, logistics and after-sales support. We also offer cost effective CAD, CAM and CAE and benchmarking services for OEMs and suppliers.


We help aviation companies find the optimal balance between supply chain management, logistics optimization, air traffic management, inventory planning, customer service, and other value added services targeted at their customers. We also work with maintenance and repair overhauling (MRO) service organizations. The increasing age of fleets makes MRO the next big emerging segment in the aerospace service industry and these organizations are poised to increase their operations considerably over the next decade. We offer customized solutions for business process improvements, spare parts forecasting and inventory management.


The environment friendly ethos has become a cultural norm across industries. In the aerospace sector, it is increasingly enforced through strict regulations and mandatory guidelines. We help organizations to be more responsible in their use of resources. We work with them to develop sustainable products and services, and implement eco friendly maintenance and a green IT strategy.


CysKen’s customized innovative solutions for accelerated transformation of aerospace companies and our expertise at combining technological competency with efficient operating capacity make us a technological partner of choice for the aeronautical industry.