Banking industry is facing probably the biggest challenge of the decade and that is offering banking services to its hundreds and thousands of customers in a hassle free way. It is no more all about automating the system; banks now need to connect with its customers on a personal level without overwhelming their day to day operation. This is where our baking service IT comes into picture. CysKen with its vast experience in the field of banking IT solution is making a difference by helping banking institutions to streamline their operations in a never before way.

Growing commoditization of the retail market demands banking industry to enter into a new realm of technology. Transactional banking space asks for better technology and faster solutions to customer needs. Cysken gives exemplary solutions to cope with daunting demands of the new-age retail and corporate banking to the banking industry. Cysken marches ahead with its IT backed innovative banking solutions that differentiate its bankers from its peers. With our banking outsource service, banks have now found themselves in a position where they can become more customers centric/ customers’ friendly without neglecting the core areas of their operation. We are empowering financial institutions to cope with the growing challenges of embracing new technologies that are hitting the market every second day. With our banking financing solutions, your banks will become more agile and will be better equipped to respond quickly to changing situation. We are helping financial institutions to cut down on the operation cost, increase revenue and acquire new customers.

We already acknowledge how banks have adopted core banking technology to boost their customer relationships and provide better services. What makes any bank stand apart is its value added services where Cysken holds the expertise.


How CysKen Helps

CysKen has customised solutions for banks to provide doorstep banking service through virtual banking solutions. We provide solutions that can integrate customer data across various platforms. We provide solutions that enhance customer’s banking experience and also build a brand value for the bank itself. With a click of a mouse, customers as well as bankers can have an enriching experience where in bank will be able to launch new products, services and promotional ideas to its customers. With banking industry entering into paperless branches, Cysken team is geared up to provide comprehensive solutions to the banking industry for its online as well as online banking requirements.


Here are the three main benefits of our embracing our banking IT solutions –

  • Better performance across all verticals.
  • See significant improvement on the business process front
  • See a massive change in the risk management