Cloud Services


The development in Mobility, Analytics and Cloud are helping businesses to benefit from the responsiveness, scalability and optimized IT costs that these technologies offer them. Alignment of cloud technology with business operations can completely transform the way a business functions and serves its end consumers. The time to market is shortened and the inevitable impact of digital innovation is seen in business platforms.


Services Offering

Cloud Application and Platform Services
Cloud based platforms combine essential elements and technology to conveniently and evenly develop applications architecture, database and virtualization. These platforms allow businesses to find a way away from the complications of development and maintenance of the complex architectures of applications. They also let application developers put all their efforts in developing business solutions rather than focussing too much on the technical aspects.How CysKen helps

  • We assist in building, development, promotion and delivery of solutions, allowing business entities and stakeholders to have convenient access to all the applications anytime, anywhere.
  • Our platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions help in improving business productivity and functionality.
  • We redefine your existing business capabilities by helping you cut down on the total cost of owning applications.



Data management and analytics

If approached properly, data management can bring down risks and costs, as well as minimize errors. At CysKen, we help integrate data management into business functions by developing an analytics for better identification and management if risks, and complying with the regulations.


Cloud Integration

With businesses moving towards software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions and using public cloud for their applications, the requirement of cloud integration and enterprise systems has never been more necessary. With our expertise in cloud technology and no matter where the applications are being used, we make sure that data is properly integrated.


Cloud Application Migration Services

Cloud technology has given businesses a new challenge, a new set of opportunities to explore new markets and expand to newer locations and heights. To sustain the ever competitive business market, you need to use the cloud for your applications and IT infrastructure. Building modern application and turning to the latest application and data architectures have allowed businesses to encounter the needs of large scale business projects.


  • Categorizing what type of applications should be moved to what type of cloud
  • Use cloud migration to benefit business expansion and save costs
  • Changing the cloud migration structure within a business to maximize efficiency


Cloud Migration Phases and Activities

  1. Planning
  • Confirm application inventory to be put on cloud
  • Confirm the readiness of cloud and business infrastructure
  • Confirm strategy for migration


  1. Scheduling
  • Categorizing applications to be moved in separate groups
  • Applications readiness for the move
  • Set periodic plans for easy migration


  1. Pre-migration
  • Making sure tools and infrastructure is ready for migration
  • Test storage and network


  1. Migration Execution
  • Initial migration
  • Migration of entire workload
  • Test user experience


  1. Production Hand-Over
  • Confirm complete application migration
  • Document user experience


Key features of Cloud Migration Services

  • Manage migration through multiple location servers
  • Businesses control scheduling of migration
  • Migration of the entire workload to the cloud
  • Short term contracts and lower costs

Cloud Security

The major concern for most business, when they are still making up their mind to adopt cloud services for the storage and management of their data is the security of their confidential and valuable data. As businesses are expanding to new horizons, the need for secure data storage and management centers that offer application portability, privacy, business stability, data reliability and interoperability, is as important as any other business necessity.



  • We ensure a streamlined business work environment by protecting your information center (Cloud)
  • We help you comply to set regulations for information security
  • Increase in privacy and security of your information
  • Enhanced credibility and reduced costs


Identify and Access management

We make sure that we acknowledge the areas of the critical infrastructure that needs protection. After identification of the areas, we apply our framework to manage only approved access to secured resources and systems.


Data security and application security

With the need of information security, including confidential data and secured business applications, we ensure that every byte of your information is safe and only accessible to people, who are permitted.


Security strategy and risk services

The strategy supports and directs the security of information, by establishment a framework for risk management that is in sync with business functionality and appropriate regulations.


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

We establish processes that help in timely identification and correction of security weaknesses, and thus allowing business to function consistently.


Cloud infrastructure services

Cloud has become a business essential nowadays as it helps businesses to use their resources in a better way, enhance IT receptiveness, and build agile and flexible functions for improved business growth. Cloud infrastructure can help you in not only reaching economic consistency but also eliminates complexities that are blocking your way to making more value.



  • Seamless solutions to growing demands
  • Allowing better use of resources
  • Flexible platforms for business productivity
  • Secure functionality for improved business stability


Our Cloud Infrastructure Services include offerings such as:

Public cloud: With this service, we let you have easy access to computing resources that can be configured on-demand without requiring too much management.

Private cloud: We provide you convenience of identifying your requirements and planning a design that can be implemented according to your business needs. We allow you the technology and wisdom of putting to work an efficient and basic infrastructure throughout your business processes.

Hybrid cloud management: Our best in class cloud proficiency coupled with a strong framework, we provide you a simple yet effective platform that allows easy supervision as well as management.


Cloud management services

Cloud has given expanding businesses the opportunity to identify and improve existing capabilities, and the same time, moving swiftly along with its speed at a fair cost. Cloud migration is not the only factor for business growth, integration, consistency and alignment, are as important. Cloud management through distribution of workload is a step forward in the direction of sustained success.



  • Management of SLAs and IT expenses
  • Development of virtual infrastructure
  • Controlled management of technology and applications
  • Real time access to information about resource utilization


Our Cloud Management Service Framework is designed to provide robust Cloud management through:


Cloud Security management

Our secure framework allows control and security of cloud infrastructure, security and management of data, clear and categorized data, as well as access management.


Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Management

In order to maintain business continuity, we ensure data reinforcement and accessibility to recognizable information.


Service Assurance

We assure enhanced efficiency, productivity, performance through our optimum level of services.


Cloud Transformation

The transformation from traditional information centers to cloud is not an easy one. Navigation through the entire phase needs expertise that can help in making the migration process easy by enabling assessment, creation, implementation and operation of the cloud environment. With complete control over the infrastructure, you experience greater efficiency and value realization.




Business Services

No matter what phase of cloud migration you are in, we will help you deal with the complexities and process sophistication with greater ease. Our services are aimed at helping you reap maximum for cloud transformation.


Big data and data transformation

Dealing with large data can sometimes becomes too complex for businesses, we have the capabilities to allow you manage your data, big or small, by leading you to a seamless transformation to cloud.


Technology Modernization

Many businesses don’t make the cut due to their technological inefficiencies. With our technological expertise, we render you a highly dependent support that features inexpensive, effective and uncomplicated platforms for application and data management.


Cloud Strategy

Businesses find it difficult to choose the best way to cloud for their specific requirements. We, at Cysken help you make the most of cloud environment you choose a fitting cloud technology to host your most important business applications and data. We make sure that we develop a cloud strategy in close consultation with our client, so that the output helps our clients lower their operational costs, controllably manage their IT and make their cloud journey a fruitful business endeavour.



  • Analyze business convenience to cloud
  • Devise cloud strategy
  • Determine business objectives and ROI
  • Assist management switch from traditional to cloud
  • Cloud integration
  • Ensure privacy and security