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In today’s competitive and fast growing business environment, work execution is increasingly getting complex. While information technology is no longer a support function in an enterprise, revolution in functional areas requires to be in synchronization with the business strategy too. Simply put, enterprises today need to reinvent in order to shine and grow.

CysKen helps you accomplish and sustain this success through functional, strategic and process renovations that enable you to enhance performance, foster effectiveness, lessen costs and improve resilience.



CysKen is a key differentiator that consults and leads business process transformation to enhance performance, reduce costs, raise effectiveness, and develop flexibility. We offer business advisory services, leading edge business practices, IT consulting, functional transformation, and compliance services to the world’s leading institutions, enterprises, and governments.

CysKen reliably delivers solutions that are quantifiable, implementable and customized to your requirements. CysKen’s transformational approach assists organizations capture value through disruptive growth, innovation, and business effectiveness.

Services We Offer

  • Business Transformation
  • Business Technology

Solution Benefits

  • Provide integrated solutions to the enterprises.
  • Offer complete IT enabled solutions.
  • Offer services to help your business transform with certainty.


Services Offering

Business Transformation

Enterprises are constantly trying to make business models that can help them consolidate market positions, expand into new segments, and address changing customer needs and geographies. Furthermore, digitization, globalization, changes in energy costs, a shift in economic growth regions, and adoption of the latest technologies across industries are shifting the dynamics of business quicker than ever before.


CysKen’s Business Transformation Solutions assist you to come up with a working model that offers the desired business results at all scales. Our working models are flexible, simple, and resilient, assisting you grab emerging business opportunities.


We offer the following services:


  • Change Management

In today’s competitive scenario change is required after a certain interval, in order to gain more benefits over your competitors. The business advantages of alteration schemes are not realized simply by ‘Going-Live’. Profits awareness initiates when the essential mass of users uses the latest tools, processes, and working model efficiently. Simplification for Business Transformation, Business Strategy, Cost and Productivity Optimization, Business Resilience, Enterprise Performance Management, Product Strategy and Design, Supply Chain Optimization and Customer Relationship Management are important aspects of chain management.




CysKen’s Simplification assists you convert your core business competencies as you expand new working models built around technology, workforce, and business processes.


Our solutions help you:


  • Simplify your business
  • Build scalable and resilient functional process
  • Lessen time-to-market for new products
  • Develop customer interactions



Services We Offer


  • Business Analytics

CysKen’s next-generation business analytic solutions assist enterprises of all sizes make sense of the information in the perspective of their business. You can expose insights more quickly and easily from all kinds of data—and on multiple devices and platforms. And, with built-in expertise, self-service and intelligence, you have the confidence and the freedom to make smarter decisions that better introduce your business. If deployment cost is a concern, CysKen provides software as a service alternatives for business analytics.


  • Customer Experience Management

We at CysKen create a positive brand perception, guarantee customer loyalty and improve your profitability using CysKen’ Customer Experience Management solutions.  With quickly growing consumer preferences and constantly changing competitive landscape, it is getting increasingly complex to navigate the market place with conventional strategies. To maintain a viable advantage and to separate themselves, businesses require to be customer-centric and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Solutions we offer

At CysKen, we drive transformation in the areas that impact your customers’ experience:

  • Marketing management
  • Service management
  • Sales & Rentals
  • Parts management
  • Warranty management


  • Enterprise Solutions

At CysKen, we evolve, empower, and transform your business processes to gain the flexibility, performance, efficiency, and agility required to stay quickly, competitive and respond to market changes.

We provide end-to-end worldwide enterprise solutions including implementation, package evaluation, selection, and upgrades to performance-enhancing extensions like supply chain, human resources, and (CRM) customer relationship management. By selecting CysKen in India to control and manage your enterprise applications, you get access to your top-notch global management processes, a global leveraged skills base and round-the-clock customer support services. The result is transforming, reliable, and delivering exceptional managed services throughout your extended enterprise.


Solution Benefits

  • Increased ROI through implementation and reduced costs.
  • Lower execution or implementation risk, because we impart large-scale applications infrastructure expenses and assist you reduce the need to entrust capital to the development of in-house resources.
  • Assured service levels to your end users.
  • Freedom and choice to concentrate on strategic initiatives.



  • Program Management

In today’s global market, business success isn’t restrained by your talent to conceive a great plan or idea, but rather by your skill to put it into action. Whether implementing a strategic technology package or managing post-M&A integration, you are looking to turn a winning strategy into successful reality.

This is where CysKen adds substantial value. We assist organizations run business transformation by offering industry-top program management consulting services, tools and methods. We have delivered some of the largest and most efficient transformation programs in business history.


CysKen Includes alignment of the program and project portfolio against the enterprise strategy to guarantee maximum return on portfolio investment. We pertain professional professional program management precision to ensure business strategic objectives are entertained. Using the newest and innovative technology best practices and tools, we apply professional program management severity to enable the successful delivery of complex change programs throughout an enterprise. We offer structured, intense, and time-critical remedial action to turnaround the predictable outcome of a failing program.


Services We Offer

  • System Analysis and Concept Design


The system is primarily defined as a set of elements arranged in an organized manner to achieve an objective. The system is not an arbitrarily arranged set. It is basically ordered with some logic governed by principles, rules, regulations, and policies. Systems are developed or created to resolve issues or problems. One can imagine of the systems method as a planned way of dealing with a problem.



  • Mission Analysis

Mission Analysis is the procedure by which the contingency plans and operating plans are developed. It combines organizing the team to meet the mission objectives, allocating resources to execute the critical tasks, and monitoring the team to adjust resources as necessary.


  • Goals/ Specifications

Once a small set of measured and critical goals has been rcognized or established, prompt prototyping and short iterative development phases may advance to release actual stakeholder value long before the particular project is half over.


  • Conceptual Design Development

Conceptual design is the initial phase of design, in which solid models and drawings are the leading products and tools. The conceptual design phase offers a description of the planned system in terms of a set of incorporating concepts and ideas.


  • Design, Prototype and Production


A prototype is basically a computer program that displays a part of the property of another computer program, allowing users to envisage an application that has not yet been developed or manufactured. A widespread form of prototype is a mockup, which assists future users to get an idea of what the system will look like.



  • Preproduction/ Prototype Manufacture

Frequently prototype is built using very partial engineering detail as compared to the final production intent, which generally uses rigorous testing and statistical process controls. Example- lo-fi prototyping technique.

  • Prototype Design

A prototype is an early model or sample built to test a concept or process to act as a thing to be learned or replicated from. It is a term used in a diversity of contexts, including design, semantics, software programming and electronics.


  • Test and Evaluation

Test and Evaluation is a vital aspect of project management concerning complex systems that must assure specification requirements. It is used to help programmatic events that separate the individual phases of a project.



  • Quality Assurance

In developing services and products, quality assurance is a systematic process of checking a product being developed is meeting specified needs. Many organizations have a separate department dedicated to (QA) quality assurance.

Test and Evaluation

Test & Evaluation is the process by which components are compared against specifications and requirements through testing. The results are primarily assessed based on performance, design, and supportability, etc.

Test Systems/ Support Equipment

System testing of software is an integrated and complete system to assess the system’s compliance with its particular needs. System testing comes under the scope of the inner design of the logic or code.


  • Documentation and Logistics

Importers and exporters should consider having the documentation required, since our Specialists are highly knowledgeable in  import and export procedures and regulations. The following documents are primarily utilized in importing and exporting goods.



  • Contract Manufacturing/ Production

A contract manufacturer is that contracts with a firm for components or products. It is a shape of outsourcing. When we talk about this in the food business a contract manufacturer is called copacker.

  • Parts Acquisition/ Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is the streamlining of a business’ to expand customer value and to gain a viable benefit in the marketplace. Supply chain management shows an effort by suppliers to grow and implement supply chains as an efficient and economical as possible.

  • Logistics Support Technical Documentation, Information Management

Information management is the management and collection of information from one or more resources, and the sharing of that information to one or more people or audiences.

Solution Benefits

Effective global logistics opens up numerous opportunities to increase markets, low cost sourcing, and increased economies of scale. Firms having an effective global logistics operation can take benefit of low cost sourcing of labor, components, or expertise.



Business Technology

Businesses all over the world are responding to the change in market dynamics by building a robust partnership between technology and various business functions. CysKen helps you chart the path to success by adding innovation to your business processes and IT infrastructure. Our most important objective is to align your processes with technology through performance, strategy, architecture and process innovation. Our consulting services for business and IT transformation are aimed at delivering you adept solutions from beginning till the end. We enable business performance through our excessively innovative tools and frameworks that can be easily integrated within business processes.


We offer the following services:

IT Strategy Consulting

Businesses nowadays lack a strategy of implementing and executing technology based strategies, which results in the reduced productivity. We want to partner with businesses throughout the world and help them devise their own IT strategy through our consulting services. Our expertise will help you transform your entire IT infrastructure and lead your business to successful transformation.

How CysKen helps

We let you plan your forward endeavours by helping you manage your current IT and business preferences. We do this by helping you make the most of your existing technology infrastructure and investment. Our knowledge of technology and employment of industry best practices and guidelines allows us to be on top of every project we take, until its successful completion.

Services we offer

  • IT Shared Services Strategy – Classify an IT shared services functionality through the analysis of validated IT process mapping, service catalogue, transition roadmap, charge back mechanisms, risk analysis, and a business case.
  • Cloud Strategy – Analyze and modify the implementation of cloud in existing IT architecture to various operational models
  • IT Sourcing Strategy – Classify a current technology sourcing strategy that renders value development across business functions in future.
  • IT Performance Metrics – Synergize business and IT objectives, Devise a system to measure and manage technology performance, Set tangible targets
  • IT Skills Consideration – Use skills based on business requirements in order to improve individual and business productivity, as well as increasing business value
  • Cost Optimization – Seek cost optimization in resources, business functions and IT
  • Organizational Structure Definition – Design a structure by integrating optimum measures of governance, resources, competence and responsibility to transform your business into a technology operating model.


Solution Benefits

  • Easily deployable and pragmatic IT strategy for business alignment
  • Improve IT delivered value
  • Set rules for strategy fulfilment
  • Classify business responsibility, structure
  • Evaluate IT performance


IT performance

The major obstacle that businesses are facing in the global market is finding ways to make their technology infrastructure more effective and consistent, and at the same time enhance business performance at a relatively lower cost. CysKen help you use your IT infrastructure in the best possible manner and improve business performance through technology transformation.

How Cysken helps

Our people have the experience and expertise to create highly innovative applications and align appropriate IT elements to respective business processes. We excel in providing our clients with platforms that enhance user experience. Our tested and proficient methodologies help you consistently bring maximum value out of your technology systems.

Services we offer

  • Datacenter Migration – Strengthening of datacenter across boundaries results in improved consistency, flexibility and functional efficiency, coupled with minimum risks and reduced cost of ownership.
  • Performance Diagnostics – Enables business applications to meet the required levels of performance of service agreements. We help you examine application performance for quick identification of problem, evaluation and instant solution.
  • Performance Lifecycle Management – We engineer and devise best processes to deliver best performing applications. Our exclusive framework helps you come up with consistent and quality ensuring systems for sustained business improvement.


Solution Benefits

  • Enable high performance by creating and managing business specific applications
  • Improve quality of delivered IT service
  • Minimize capital, ownership and operational costs
  • Increased consistency, flexibility, efficiency, with minimum risks


Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

The glitches associated with best in class sourcing and huge deals comprising single supplier can be conquered by employing a multi-supplier environment. The objective should always be to deliver quality service and returns exceeding expectations. Service Integration and Management or SIAM or just Service Integration, is defined as the collaboration and systematic employment and working of technology, governance, resources, data and tools throughout the supplier chain, to ascertain efficient and consistent service delivery.

How CysKen helps

We have people who have examined and employed service integration across boundaries and domains since the time SIAM first came into existence. We boast of our rich experience, proactive involvement in forums and huge consultant catalogue. Our SIAM expertise helps us to collaborate with multiple suppliers, allowing you not only to deliver consistent, convincing and flexible solutions but also to achieve your own business goals.

Services we offer

  • Implementation Services
  • Implementation of a robust framework
  • Promote control, management and coordination
  • Transform service delivery model using supplier base
  • Automation Services
  • Confirm requirements for automation integration
  • Prepare best set of automation tools and techniques
  • Successfully deploy automation strategy
  • Advisory Services
  • Evaluate the prospects of SIAM for your business and develop a framework for its implementation
  • Determine SIAM sourcing model
  • Set up measures to govern vendor performance


Solution Benefits

  • Availability of predictable service solutions through improved collaboration between vendors, roles and processes
  • Enhanced service efficiency through active analysis of problems with the help of structured and uniform processes
  • Risk evaluation providing improvement in brand value


Business and IT architecture

In order to stay unaffected by the frequent changes in market trends, evolving technology and business requirements, organizations are seeking transformational strategies and plans. To stay competitive and move towards growth, it is important for enterprises to enhance capabilities and infuse a consistent, business specific and strong technology architecture.


  • Our Business and IT Architecture services allow businesses to identify and react to the changes happening in and around the business market
  • We collaborate with our clients from the beginning till the end of the successful implementation of a business strategy for better results
  • Our versatility, technology proficiency, and multi-domain and multi-industry experience holds us in high stead amongst our clients
  • Uniformity in our service owing to our outreaching global presence

Services We Offer

  • Business Technology Enablement – We partner with clients to align strategies to a path where our technology expertise can help in shaping business value. Be it new innovations or simplification of existing technology structure, we help transform businesses into digital entities.
  • Business Design & Improvement – We help businesses to modify existing capabilities or come up with new ones throughout their business technology, data, infrastructure and processes. Our expertise in techniques like Six Sigma, Lean and Kanban allows us play a part in improving business processes.
  • Matrix Solutions – We provide services and solutions delivered for a specific business issue or as a combined force with Business Design and Improvement or Business Technology Enablement solutions.


Solution Benefits

  • Link business objectives to business data, infrastructure, capabilities and processes for simplifying investment choices
  • Enhance and optimize business processes
  • Reduce maintenance cost and direct finances to the creation of capabilities
  • Reduce risk and improve flexibility by simplifying technology