IT Services


With the business environment becoming ever competitive every passing day, the need of flexible, efficient and timely IT services is the need of the hour. Building an IT strategy that is specific to your business goals is important to becoming a force to reckon with in your particular industry. We, at CysKen provide you the impetus and the strategy to deploy technological solutions within the various functions and processes of your business.


Client Challenges

  • Discover, develop and implement new strategies in quick time to always stay in the competition
  • Combine business strategies with IT solutions to meet objectives
  • Solutions with integrated flexibility to cope with ever changing trends of the global business market


What CysKen provides

With CysKen, your business IT services needs are all met with a complete package of solutions that incorporates Application Management, System Integration, Performance Engineering, Custom Application Development and Open Source Platform.


Services Offering

Application Management

Enterprise applications are vital to the IT structure of a business. Technological changes are inevitable, businesses need to transform themselves into units that have the expertise and capabilities to withstand and even inculcate these changes into their enterprise IT backbone. Keeping pace with the management, development and implementation of many applications is not an easy task, but with our experience, we make sure that every process involving enterprise applications is controlled and efficient.

Client Challenges

  • Consistent application functioning
  • Secured regulation of applications
  • Achievement of efficiency with application management

What CysKen provides

We provide a reliable, secured and efficient set of application management services, including

  • Application Maintenance
  • Redesigning
  • Quality testing
  • Migration

Business value

  • Focus on strategic functions
  • Quick system recovery and better availability
  • Improved business performance


System Integration

Businesses that operate with several IT systems operating at different pace and timelines can have trouble managing them separately. To give you a better and easily manageable IT platform, our System integration services help you transform the entire IT structure of your enterprise by building a single, multifunctional IT system.

Client challenges

  • Managing different IT systems for separate functions
  • Ambiguities amongst functions and departments due to multiple systems

What CysKen provides

We provide techniques and technology to develop an IT system that serves various departments, operations and phases of product development

Business Value

  • Increased performance
  • Real-time accessibility of business information for an uncomplicated and secured view of your business
  • Improved flexibility in processes
  • Shorter product development lifecycles


Performance Engineering

To enable better return on investment, it is very important businesses to supervise, examine and optimize their IT processes in an efficient manner. With our Performance Engineering services, we allow enterprises to benefit from consistent and guaranteed quality system performance throughout.

Client challenges

Ensure reliable and consistent performance in production, development and maintenance functions of a business IT system.

What CysKen provides

We have the technology, strategy and techniques to perfect system conditions and enhance performance.

Business Value

  • More productive business functions
  • Improvement in service quality
  • Consistent business and better ROI


Custom application development

The non-availability of software specific to your requirements can make your business endeavours go in vain. Even if you find software solutions, there are occasion that they aren’t either flexible enough or don’t really fit to your business functions and processes. This is where CysKen comes into the picture, with our solutions tailored to suit your business needs, we always deliver to our commitment of quality and efficacy.

Client Challenges

  • Changing business scenario
  • Solutions based on the latest technology

What CysKen provides

  • Customized application development specific to business needs
  • Tailor made applications to integrate into business functions
  • Capable architecture to accommodate and increase accessibility of business

Business value

  • Flexible and consistent solutions for business growth
  • Proven processes to minimize risks, offer convenient solutions and maintain steady ROI


Open source platform services

The complexities in the working of a business are rising by the minute. This complex nature of businesses today requires much more functional processes that can improve how a business operates on an entirety. This is why organizations today are looking for cost-effective, highly responsive and innovative solutions. Open source platform is one such option that presents endless possibilities for businesses. With our standard framework and expertise, we help you use the open source platform to your benefits.

CysKen advantage

CysKen specializes in open source development and offers services specific to industry as well as client needs. By working with us, our clients benefit from:

  • Expert and experienced resources: With our knowledge and skills of different domains, and our perfectly assembled processes for risk evaluation, delivery and project supervision, we make sure that our clients are served the best.
  • Effective collaborations: We collaborate with best vendors in the industry to enhance your experience with us. Our collaborations are meant to provide more comprehensive services to meet your expectations.
  • Focussed business practices: We follow the bests set of business practices and involve qualified people to develop competent and planned open source solutions


Services we offer

With our three-fold open source strategy – Advice, Implement and Sustain, we help you leverage our experience for your custom business needs.

Advice: We offer expert recommendations on best technology, structure and open source adoption to add more value to your business. We study open source feasibility with your business and prepare you for the integration of our solution with your business functions.

Implement: After development of application and sourcing technology based on current business concepts, we help in implementing completely new solutions as well as integrating customized solutions with existing architecture.

Sustain: Maintaining the quality of services isn’t easy; however, with our experience in the industry, we understand the needs of our clients, and thus offer round the clock accessible support and product improvement.

Solution benefits

  • CysKen offers solutions that help you build a sustainable, uniform and growing business enterprise.
  • Our open source technologies render your IT portfolio a better showing
  • Report better return on investment, cut down costs on software authorization and enhance productivity
  • Use our expertise and industry collaborations for competitive edge
  • Achieve business goals with our optimized and risk free open source strategy


Business value

  • Improved process competence
  • Cost-efficiency, energy adequacy
  • Speed to market
  • Strategic IT solutions for business growth