Mobility Services


Mobile technology with its constant and redefining innovations has brought the business world ever closer. It has allowed businesses to address their needs of communication and connectivity. The evolution of mobile devices and integrated mobile technology has not only led to better collaboration between the employees of an organization, but has also created an environment par excellence for customer engagement as well as real time interaction and updates from the field. Mobility has moved way beyond from just being a technology to serve email and data needs of businesses; it is now the most influential and immensely effective way that has completely transformed how businesses used to function a few years ago.


Challenges and opportunities in Mobility

  • With the speed of development of mobile technology and availability of multiple platforms, the management of implementation of mobility in business streams and processes has not remained an easy job. In order to overcome this challenge, businesses need to search for mobility services offering differing app usage opportunities, variability in cost, and special offerings as per specific requirements to manage IT functions.
  • With newer mobile technologies bridging the gap between consumers and businesses, the development of better mobility concepts, like cloud and analytics, have provided business functionality an all new meaning.
  • Better and more innovative mobile phones have made it possible to unleash the hidden potential behind every business opportunity. Employees need these improved devices to unlock this potential and make businesses operate with flair and sophistication.


How CysKen delivers business value?

CysKen Mobility Solutions offer businesses the technology and impetus to envisage ways of improving business performance and outcomes for obtaining enterprise benefits. Our strength lies in our blend of superior grasp of technology, understanding of the market condition and our very own business wisdom. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure, client focused approach, and collaborations with global mobility partners, we commit ourselves to improvement in productivity and achievement of tangible business objectives of our clients.


Business Transformation

We offer mobility that leads the technological transformation between consumers and businesses by offering scalable mobile apps, flawless access to data and other related services and solutions.

  1. Strategy- Strategize your next business move with our mobile technology. Utilize our services to plot your way to success by overpowering your competitors.
  2. Business- Our mobile technology allows you to build your particular business models around it. We help you devise new business models, without letting you compromise your purpose.
  3. Technology- With highly advanced mobile technology, we make your investments reap benefits and bring you better opportunities to expand.


Accelerating innovation

Utilize our excellence in mobility to create solutions specific to your needs, in order to target prospective business segments and finding potential audience for your offerings.


Efficient operations

Reach the market faster and change the way your employees work on the move. Our technologies help you make your business processes more efficient and productive.


Services Offering

Mobility Consulting

The rise in the use of mobile devices in business around the world as well as the expansion of wireless networks, have completely altered business functionality. To build an organization with mobility at the core of its structure, you need a mobility consulting partner to help you with technology, resources and security for next-generation mobile solutions.



  • Combination of latest technology, system integration and business engagement methods to deliver innovation and value
  • Ultra-modern mobility consulting structure to formulate successful business strategies and transform business functions
  • Improved ROI, customer retention & satisfaction
  • Improved employee interaction and output


Mobility Managed Services

Our mobility managed services allow involve a complete set of offerings, including mobile device management, support, application development, and procurement and deployment of technology amongst others. With our flexible services, you have the capabilities to measure and regulate mobility offerings, to engineer streamlined functioning of virtual mobile network, m-commerce, and others.



  • Our platform helps businesses monitor interconnected mobility products and services
  • Our technology, people and processes will help increase productivity and improve client focus
  • Our mobility services let you connect to employees, collaborate with partners and reach out to clients
  • We offer a complete range of mobility services, from acquisition and implementation to device management and support


Mobility applications

Our preloaded mobile applications can provide impetus for business growth, engaging content for building customer relationships, immediate solutions from analytical apps, and transform business into industry specific entity with definitive applications. We provide your business a competitive edge with our customized mobility apps. We aim for an amalgamation of enhanced user experience, innovation and value in our mobile applications.


Services in Mobility Application

Application development

CysKen follows a unique, unified and exclusive approach for developing mobility applications. We use international standards, latest technology and best processes to accelerate mobile application development and related services. With our originally design application development framework, we not only develop mobility applications for specific business needs, but also improve business output.


Application Testing

Mobile application testing needs exceptional tools, techniques, technology and services to make sure consumers as well as employees are being delivered with extraordinary mobility application, to stay ahead of the time. CysKen application testing assists business to hasten mobility implementations with the help of potent mobile technology, enterprise knowledge and best testing practices. We develop testing strategies to negotiate the increasing complexities and changing mobile landscape. With our powerful application testing framework, we help mechanize test execution, allow remote device access and replicate network characteristics. With our in industry best delivery methods, we meet quality standards, cost constraints and time stipulation.