Application Outsourcing


CysKen Application Outsourcing Services will transform and simplify your applications portfolio to support the information-accessibility demands of the modern age. Our performance and cost saving developing solutions will free you to converge totally on your core business goals. Application outsourcing services modernize your applications portfolio, reduce costs and enhance business nimbleness with CysKen’ Applications Outsourcing Services.

Services Offering

Application Lifecycle Services

Today’s CIOs must compete with complex application landscapes while promoting continuous cost-effectiveness and rationalization. CysKen draws several applications proficiency to offer comprehensive application Lifecycle Services. We take full responsibility for your current applications, while working with your business leaders and CIO to abridge your landscape.



Our vigorous delivery models deliver maximum and reduce costs:

  • Productivity: our industrialized delivery methods and global sourcing model reduce costs up to 30%
  • Flexibility: adaptable business services and variable application costs improve agility and reduce end-to-end time.
  • Impact: aligning IT boosts with business strategy.


CysKen Benefits

  • Align your applications portfolio to better support strategic business goals and needs
  • Enjoy important TCO reductions as we simplify, streamline, and standardize your supported applications
  • Enhance time-to-market for new services or products amidst compliance or regulatory changes
  • Boost stability and performance as you enjoy reduced support and maintenance costs


Application Development and Maintenance Services

Application Development and Maintenance Services from CysKen offer the complete scope of services to enhance your return on IT spend. Private and Public sector organizations are gradually contingent on their applications to distribute greater service to citizens and customers—and finally attain high performance. When it comes to developing existing ones or new applications, the stakes are correspondingly high.


CysKen offers Application Development and Maintenance Services that can provide the full scope of services—such as development, implementation and high level of management. It offers industrialized and a robust approach for both new and existing applications.



We can help clients enhance their return on IT spend:

  • We run measurable enhancements in product quality
  • We enhance productivity by up to 30 percent, while reducing costs
  • We assist more application availability


Business Value

  • Higher level of flexibility for growth
  • CysKen’s proven high-quality processes for solving complicated issues or problems, reducing risks, and achieving the desired ROI


Application Testing

At CysKen, we are developing the industrialization mindset of the past decade for the digital age—increasing the bar on testing speed and productivity while delivering higher quality applications at a lower budget. In summary, organizations worldwide are looking for new ways to enhance speed and quality and lower costs while managing their digital transformation.


Challenges and Opportunities

CysKen thinks more innovatively and holistically. Our end-to-end testing services have taught us that, by adopting infusing intelligence and industrialized processes into delivery, organizations can lessen operational costs and enhance application stability. And we move one step further. We work with them to enhance testing productivity through automation, predictive analytics, and industry specialization to make quality throughout their application lifecycle.


CysKen Advantage

  • Assists organizations execute software testing with software development, resulting in shorter testing cycles, faster development, and better collaboration between operations and development for smooth and continual delivery.
  • Diminishes the oveall effort in managing multiple environments.
  • Lessens the time required to develop the test environment
  • Ensures the effective testing


Business Value

  • Automation of the test case generation and test scenario creation.
  • Test data management
  • Automatic virtual services creation
  • UI testing / front-end testing


Application Management

CysKen offers an Application Management Outsourcing solution to assist clients maintain, operate and enhance their business applications as they attempt to achieve high performance. Services include application maintenance, small-scale enhancements, production support, and service management—we structure our solution according to our clients’ requirements. We have the global experience, expertise, and scale to offer an application management service that achieve high performance.


Client Challenges

  • Secure control of hundreds of reliable operation and applications
  • It diminishes application management costs for certain applications and enhance productivity.
  • Develop resolution time and response for certain applications
  • Provide access to specific skills



 Offer a set of application management services including:

  • Maintenance
  • re-engineering
  • Migration
  • Testing


Business Value

  • Reduced system downtime
  • Enhanced performance
  • Amplified freedom to ponder on strategic initiatives