Testing Services


With a substantial evolvement of the software industry over the years, testing service is just another phase in the software development lifecycle. It is an independent service and has a completely different lifecycle. The Software Testing Lifecycle (STLC) and Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) are two totally unique processes that have involve different phases and serve different purposes. While the main objective of SDLC is to create new software at the end of the process, STLC ensures the newly developed software for errors and flaws. So, right from the Requirement Analysis phase to Design, Development, Testing and Implementation phase, STLC aims at validating the end-product of every SDLC phase.

CysKen Advantage

  • Establishing an extensive testing strategy involving best tools, techniques and people
  • Adopting agile operations for qualitative and shared testing within an enterprise
  • Proper separation of SDLC and STLC processes
  • Professional and innovative approach to meet required testing expectations

Services Offering

Test Consulting

While implementing technology, tools and techniques for a particular testing operation, it is very necessary for organizations to take business objectives and goals into perspective. Testing strategy that addresses business requirements will be more adept in delivering value by adopting risk free approach. Our Test Consulting service ensures an enterprise encompassing QA and testing, involving QA tools & strategy, infrastructure strategy and maturity assessment. It has often been noticed that organization put more emphasis on development processes than testing methods, which in most cases results in unqualified products. To overcome this failure, it is important that testing methods are approached differently.

CysKen Test Consulting provides a complete approach that encloses the following aspects:

QA Strategy

We define and implement the QA strategy, involving a structure with specific set of functions, based on the objectives and goals of an organization, taking into consideration the difference in the quality and delivery of specialized and ordinary testing services. Our strategy also encompasses projects, budget, people, and interfaces to have a complete control over the employment of testing methods for better output. This is an enterprise-wide practice that ensures greater accountability and better delivery.


Maturity Assessment

Our maturity assessment methods ensure that a testing strategy is always accompanied by business practicality and process regulation is equal measure. Organizations find it really tough to maintain a balance between these two things, but with us in the picture, expedite deliveries will always be managed keeping time and cost constraints in mind. Business practicality and process regulations can never override each other, and it is our job to always maintain that balance.


QA tools and infrastructure strategy

For any QA or testing implementation to be a success, the technologies, infrastructure and tools used in it play a very important part. We make sure that budget for QA tools and technologies caters to both the extremes; excessive spending that results in an increase project cost and improper use of tools or insufficient spending that results in unnecessary productions delays.   With our QA tools and infrastructure strategy, we ensure necessary spending and optimal utilization by considering release cycles, IT infrastructure and technologies.


Functional Testing

Functional testing is required for all types of projects, whether newly started, long continuing as well as the larger ones. To make the best out of functional testing, it is very important for organization to speed up the processes involved as well as go for optimum methods all the time. At CysKen, we follow a very flexible and structured approach to functional testing, making the process easy to negotiate for organizations. We make sure that testing is carried out at the right stages in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), so that there are no production flaws. Our functional testing processes, including automated test design, dynamic test planning, profiling and validation, model based testing and risk based testing amongst others are the most recent and innovative methods.

CysKen Advantage

Our testing methodologies ensure that defects are found at the beginning, so that they could be easily avoided and amended. Our automated testing techniques in the strategy phase itself makes way for specific scenario based testing, allowing a product to reach the market faster. Our IP dependent solution and accelerator for specific domain testing helps improve efficiency, increase ROI and facilitate repeated use. Our distinct project management and engineering processes save time and reduce costs.


  • Time and cost constraints
  • Dealing with flaws reported after production
  • When to end testing


  • Risk and domain dependent automated testing techniques that can be repeatedly utilized
  • Profiling & validation, and analytical methods for predicting flaws
  • Testing phase; status of defects and outstanding defects left to be catered to


  • Reduction in cost, effort and time to market; improved ROI
  • Reduction in post-production and early defects; establish system reliability
  • Better predictability of test closure timing; improved productivity


Regression Testing Services

Client Challenges

  • Determination of time to stop testing
  • Accounting all risks and whether all of them are acknowledged or not
  • Releasing systems under testing faster
  • Finding efficient regression cycles without increase in costs
  • Finding techniques to enhance testing standards

How we help

At Cysken, we focus on more with our testing services in lesser number of test cases. The objective of our Regression Testing Services is providing better coverage to the products under test methods, with minimum risk and at an effectively reduced cost. Our industry standard tools, technologies and methodologies allow us to minimize the test cycle time for mechanized as well as manual tasks. As we ensure a balance between complete testing and go-live time, you save greatly on cost as well as time. Our innovative techniques allow us to have an understanding of the affected product functionalities, as it moves from one testing phase to the other. Our methods ensure that the regression testing solutions offers maximum coverage at low cost. We also help you in decide when testing needs to be stopped. Our regression testing services make sure that no flaws ever reach the production phase by helping in early detection of faults.


  • Regression testing at low cost with minimum risk
  • Improved productivity and efficiency of QA applications
  • Reach market faster
  • Precise testing for more coverage in less test cases


Test Automation

In this competitive business market of today, businesses have to be really quick and effective with their product and service launches. However, it is not advisable to rush the testing processes in order to reach go live faster than it is feasible. It is important for businesses to understand that time and costs can only be managed up to a limit, more so when the needed quality is of the highest level. Test automation removes risks associated with manual testing and speeds up regression testing processes. The major objective of test automation is to automate the entire set of business processes under testing. It also helps in the migration of tools used for test automation from one platform to the other.


  • Automating regression and functional testing
  • Finding tools to automate testing
  • Manage cost required for test automation framework

How we help

  • Our framework allows early automation of processes
  • We enhance user engagement and utilize active testing tools
  • Our unique solution allows complete automation of varying technological applications
  • We promise quality testing, lower maintenance and faster go live


  • Early automation allowing creation of test scripts in the design and development stages of SDLC
  • Improved ROI, reduced development costs
  • Lower maintenance, highly reusable


Agile Project Testing

Businesses have to take calculative approaches towards meeting the competitive aspect of any business, and for this Agile Project testing can be of great benefits. This is a repetitive and transformational testing methodology that is controlled through a collaborative framework and team that provides a systematic delivery model. With agile testing, you can make processes within a project more effective, and can minimize errors.


Services we offer

Agile requirements strategies

This involves requirement gathering and the management of the information collected from stakeholders. We approach requirement elicitation in the same way we approach project testing. Our Agile Requirement Strategies include involvement of stakeholders, requirement gathering & management, requirement validation, and others.

Agile testing strategies

This involves development of testing strategy and actual testing at the SDLC level. Our agile testing involves the beginning of testing through the establishment of test environment, testing in the development phase, management of faults and testing at the end of a SDLC.

Agile quality strategies

Agile quality strategies include several practices that can significantly improve the quality of the final product. It involves restructuring the code, two or more people collaborating on different tasks but same objective, dynamic & static code analysis and validation by peers for detection of flaws.


Challenges adopting agile testing and quality techniques

  • Repetitions involved in complete testing
  • Verifying requirements that are non-functional in nature
  • Participation of stakeholders
  • UI testing
  • Comply with regulations


How CysKen helps with agile testing and quality techniques

We ensure that our agile project testing services helps in delivering flawless and quality products. Our robust framework, governance, strategy and accelerators result in efficient testing for better end-product. We ensure early detection of faults, reduction in risks and improvements in quality through our agile methodologies. Our detection and prevention mechanism allows better stakeholder participation at all stages.


  • Proven agile testing framework for uncomplicated testing
  • Reduced testing time, product reaches market faster
  • Global delivery model


Test Data Management Services

To be able to test business functionality you need quality data that is suitable for the test environment. But, it is not always as easy as it seems to manage data quality. There are many factors that affect quality data management, including infrastructure limitations, data sensitivity and insufficient business compliant data. At CysKen, we deliver data of the highest quality, when it is most needed, to ascertain maximum test coverage, at the lowest possible cost.

CysKen advantage

  • Use of best industry practices and tools
  • Effective data masking and test data production platforms
  • Certified and experienced testers


  • Data integration in non-production environment
  • Complete verification of test data
  • Privacy of data


  • Tools, techniques and people to create and use data efficiently
  • Provisioning of data
  • Data masking platform


  • Business functionality confirmation, QA improvement
  • Managed and verified data for better test coverage
  • Regulatory compliant data, security of sensitive data